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Private Lessons - The best way to improve the key building blocks of your game.  We will evaluate your game and develop a plan together specific to your needs.  Stroke production, tactics, and game management are the focus of my individual lessons. $65 hr      

Semi-Private Lessons - For 2 players, you work on your strokes with your doubles partner or friend and split the cost! $85 hr

Team Coaching - Based on the Own the Zones Doubles Drills, we will focus on the doubles strategies that will help your team become more effective on game day.   Learning the right shots, tactics and strategies will make your team hard to beat during the long league seasons.  

ALTA/USTA Package - includes 7 - 2 hour lesson and if you make the playoffs, the lessons are FREE!  $1400.

Stroke Clinics - For 4 - 6 players, these 1.5 hour clinics are designed to work on the technical side of tennis. $90 hr - Minimum 4.5 Hours

Own the Zones Doubles - for 4 - 8 players, these 2 hour drills we will create game situations which will teach you doubles specific tactics such as managing the volley zones, visual clues, understanding the most common mistakes in doubles and fixing them.  OTZ Doubles are a fun, competitive way to improve your game. $100 per hour - 6 Lessons (12 Hours) CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION. 

All instruction will be available evenings and weekends.    

For more information, directions, or to set up your first lesson CLICK HERE.