Image by Manny Becerra


The Own the Zones Doubles Drill Series will focus on court movement, shot selection,

and tactical concepts in the doubles game. 

There are three basic formations used to play out points in doubles:
- One up / one back
- Two back (both players at the baseline)
- Two up (both players in the "zones")

The key to the OTZ program focuses on the two-up formation.  This is the most aggressive, and if adopted well, the most effective for breaking down your opponents.  The approach of OTZ is to identify the most common mistakes we make in doubles, then apply key tactical and technical concepts to overcome them.  The outline for OTZ doubles is shown below.

It's easy to sign up...just email TBG today with the date you'd like to reserve, and please include your full name and phone number. 


Guiding Principles of Play


1.    Be GREAT communicators

2.    Always take that “First Explosive Step” to the ball

3.    Attack the ball from a balanced position

4.    Take away your opponents prime hitting angles

5.    Keep the Game in front of you

6.    Have NO FEAR – of making mistakes


Overview - Keys to Successful Doubles


The Transition Game

  • Serve and Volley

  • Return and Volley

  • Moving safely through the "RED" zone

  • The non-hitter's role

  • Shot selection

  • Covering the lob - The Uh Oh shot!!!

  • Visual clues


The Volley Zones

  • Yellow and Green...what does it mean?

  • Ballside/Backside vs 1up 1 back (and 2 back)

  • Solid volleys - placement and height

  • Lead with your racquet

  • Visual clues

The Transition Game

  • Recognition of opportunities

  • Shot selection

  • Covering the lob - The Uh Oh shot!!!  Take it out of the air!

  • Visual clues


Putaway Shots

  • The Closer

  • Overheads, the most powerful shot in doubles

  • Attack the ball at its peak.

  • Know about the "Money Ball"

  • Visual clues


Crunch Time - Mental Strength

  • Momentum

  • Understand "Set Up" points

  • Understand "Set Up" Games

  • Know what aggressive means for your game

Advanced Doubles Tactics

  • Planned Poaches

  • I - Formation

  • Australian Formation

  • Serve Options