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Image by Manny Becerra


"Size matters not.  For my ally is the George, and a powerful ally it is.  You must feel the George around you; here, between you, me, the ball, the racket, everywhere, yes.  Even between the tennis court and the net.  Yes, a tennis player's strength flows from the George.  But beware of the dark side.  Anger, fear, not getting to yellow; the dark side of the George are they.  Control, control.  You must learn control." --- Yoda, Tennis Master, The Empire Volleys Back

"I have taken tennis lessons from George on and off over the past 4 years and he has improved my game tremendously.  Although I played tennis in high school, he helped me adapt my game to better fit the strategies necessary to succeed in adult leagues.  He has worked with me individually on improving specific shots, as well as our team as a whole, improving our doubles strategy.  With his instruction, both our ladies team and our mixed team has reached city finals several times.George is an absolute pleasure to work with and I can't wait to see where he can take my game!"  --- Jessica R.,  Marietta

"Taking lessons with George has improved my game tremendously!  I used to hit the ball with no clear purpose.  Now I have much more clarity on my shot selection during a match.  His doubles strategy helped us win an ALTA City Final, plus he a lot of fun to hang out with every Tuesday!" ---  Rhonda F.,  Marietta

"Thanks to you, I am so hooked on this game! I truly give a lot of the credit to YOUR positive attitude and the way you teach the game. It would be very easy to get frustrated, but you have a way of making the complex areas of doubles easier to understand and put to use."  ---Mariellen J.,  Acworth

"Thank you George!  I have so loved being back with you.  I have told you but I will tell you again that YOU are the best coach I have had.  I have had about 4 or 5 and you are the most consistent.  All the good things that I take to my game is from you.  Thank you for all your encouragement too.  You never make me feel that I can't do something." --- Laura C.,  Acworth

"Lessons with George are tremendous… as a beginner I find his instructions and insights to be extremely helpful and provide me a new level of confidence and understanding in the game" --- Dean P.,  Marietta

"I have found George a coach that stands the test of seasons. He comes into each lesson with a drill or strategy that we all can use improvement on and his lessons stay energetic as well as informative. I have learned to listen, even though I fight it most times. With George, I have grown tremendously with my skills and hope to improve more with his guidance. Thanks Georgie!"  --- Pat W., Kennesaw
"George really knows his stuff.  I have improved 100% since taking lessons from George.  I’ve taken lessons from other pros who say they will teach you tennis.  George doesn’t just teach tennis…he teaches you how to play tennis the right way.  This is what George instills in every lesson – good sportsmanship combined with aggressive play make for a fun sport.  May the George be with you!"       ---  Erin G., Kennesaw
"George, what a great season!!! Thanks so much for the huge strides that you helped me make in my tennis game. You have definitely put me in the correct direction to better enjoy and succeed in tennis. Your style of coaching is exactly what I respond to. You're a mighty fine coach and a darn good friend.    You R-O-C-K!!!"  --- David N., Atlanta

"George is a great coach and has helped me improve my game strategy tremendously. I look forward to working with George again this year.  TOPSPIN - I say it in my sleep" --- Steve B.,  Acworth

"It is very refreshing to work with George- he is an excellent communicator and awesome person, coupled by his knowledge and professionalism of the sport makes him one of the best coaches I have worked with.  So I give him my thanks for a most rewarding professional and personal experience"  ---  Jen L., Kennesaw

"My tennis game has never felt better, even after not having played for several years. Your genuine love and enthusiasm for the sport and "empathic" coaching ability has allowed me to improve the physical, mental, and strategic aspects of my game. More than that, thanks for making tennis fun again! "  --- Mike B.,  Marietta

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